The deadline for abstract submission is 1 December 2018.
The selection decision will be announced by 17 December 2018.

The abstracts will be published in a booklet. To ensure some degree of uniformity between different abstracts, please adhere to the following guidelines:

 1. The abstract should be headed by a title, name(s) and complete address(es) of the author(s).
 2. The name of the author who will present the paper should be underlined.
 3. The top and bottom margins should have a width of 3.0cm while the left and right margins should have a width of 2.5cm.
 4. The typeface used for the abstract should be Arial, Calibri or Helvetica.
 5. The font size of the body of the abstract should be 12pt with a line spacing of 16pt.
 6. The length of the abstract should not exceed one A4 page including figures, tables and references.
 7. Colored abstracts will be converted to black and white.
 8. The title should be centered and in bold type.
 9. Author names should be centered and have appropriate affiliation indicators.
10. Affiliations should be centered and have corresponding author affiliation indicators.
12. The body of the abstract should be justified.
12. References should be numbered as referenced in the body of the abstract.
13. Abstracts should be submitted as PDF files (.pdf).

Authors are welcome to contact Philipp Drews by email ( with any special requests.

The contributions of the seminar are offered for download here abstracts.pdf